Baldwin Hill Update

Thanks to overwhelming generosity from Egremont residents and conservationists throughout the Berkshires, Egremont Land Trust & Berkshire Natural Resources Council have reached the fundraising goal for the Baldwin Hill farm preservation “local share.”

The state anticipates closing the projects at the end of July with our support.

Thanks to all for your commitment to conserving this Egremont landmark!

Meanwhile, ELT and BNRC continue to work on additional preservation opportunities on Baldwin Hill. Stay tuned! Please follow this BNRC link for more information.

Thank you!

Our Mission

Recognizing the pressures on land use and also recognizing the rights of individual property owners, we believe that it is imperative to preserve and maintain the rural New England character of Egremont and the surrounding area for present and future generations. Change is inevitable, and it is the corporation's aim to influence its direction to benefit all members of the community.

The purposes for which the organization was formed are as follows:

  • To promote appreciation of natural and historic resources in the Town of Egremont and environs and to stimulate education and research.
  • To preserve the natural environment and the historic and rural character by acquiring by gift or purchase natural, scenic, open and rural lands or interests in land (including conservation restrictions) in Egremont and environs; and to act as an informational clearing house in cooperation with appropriate groups, individuals or both.
  • To identify and preserve scenic, historic, agricultural and forest resources, ecologically sensitive land, and wildlife habitats.
  • To manage and monitor preserves and enforce conservation restrictions to protect natural and historic attributes.
  • To raise funds to further the objectives of the organization.
  • To participate cooperatively with other conservation organizations and with the Town of Egremont in conservation projects, through technical and financial support and acceptance of assignment of the Town's rights under any tax incentive program.
  • To participate where projects of limited development would promote significant and substantial conservation objectives which would otherwise be unmet.